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N10-006 dumps
A technician is helping a SOHO determine where to install the server. Which of the following should be considered FIRST?
A. Compatibility requirements
B. Environment limitations
C. Cable length
D. Equipment limitations
Correct Answer: B

A network administrator needs to allow employees to securely upload files to a remote server. Which of the following should be allowed on the firewall?
A. 20
B. 21
C. 22
D. 161
Correct Answer: B

A T1 line has lost connectivity to the ISP. The ISP has instructed the technician to place a loopback on a device connecting the T1 line to their central office. On which of the following devices will the technician implement the loopback?
A. Channel remote module
B. Fiber optic modem
C. Channel service unit
D. Digital subscriber line modem
Correct Answer: C

When setting up a new network monitoring utility, a technician finds that some devices are not reporting correctly. Which of the following would Most likely be required to correct the issue with an SNMP enabled monitoring utility?
A. Updating MIBS
B. Enabling port mirroring
C. Enabling jumbo frames
D. Configuring half duplex
Correct Answer: A

Upon arrival at work, an administrator is informed that network users cannot access the file server. The administrator logs onto the server and sees the updates were automatically installed and the network connection shows limited and no availability. N10-006 dumps Which of the following needs to be rolled back?
A. The browser on the server
B. The server\’s NIC drivers
C. The server\’s IP address
D. The antivirus updates
Correct Answer: B

A network technician has set up an FTP server for the company to distribute software updates for their products. Each vendor is provided with a unique username and password for security. Several vendors have discovered a virus in one of the security updates. The company tested all files before uploading them but retested the file and found the virus.
Which of the following could the technician do for vendors to validate the proper security patch?
A. Use TFTP for tested and secure downloads
B. Require biometric authentication for patch updates
C. Provide an MD5 hash for each file
D. Implement a RADIUS authentication
Correct Answer: C

An administrator has a physical server with a single NIC. The server needs to deploy two virtual machines. Each virtual machine needs two NIC\’s, one that connects to the network, and a second that is a server to server heartbeat connection between the two virtual machines. After deploying the virtual machines, which of the following should the administrator do to meet these requirements?
A. The administrator should create a virtual switch for each guest. The switches should be configured for inter-switch links and the primary NIC should have a NAT to the corporate network
B. The administrator should create a virtual switch that is bridged to the corporate network and a second virtualswitch that carries intra-VM communication only
C. The administrator should create a virtual switch to bridge all of the connections to the network. The virtualheartbeat NICs should be set to addresses in an unused range
D. The administrator should install a second physical NIC onto the host, and then connect each guestmachine\’s NICs to a dedicated physical NIC
Correct Answer: C

A technician wants to configure the inbound port of a router to prevent FTP traffic from leaving the LAN. Which of the following should be placed on the router interface to accomplish this goal?
A. Static routes for all port 80 traffic.
B. DHCP reservations for all j24 subnets.
C. ACL for ports 20 and 21
D. MAC filtering using wildcards
Correct Answer: C

A network technician has been tasked to configure a new network monitoring tool that will examine interface settings throughout various network devices. Which of the following would need to be configured on each network device to provide that information in a secure manner?
Correct Answer: D

A technician wants to securely manage several remote network devices. Which of the following should be implemented to securely manage the devices?
B. IPv6
D. RIPv2
Correct Answer: C

A network technician has just installed a TFTP server on the administrative segment of the network to store router and switch configurations. N10-006 dumps After a transfer attempt to the server is made, the process errors out. Which of the following is a cause of the error?
A. Only FTP can be used to copy configurations from switches
B. Anonymous users were not used to log into the TFTP server
C. An incorrect password was used and the account is now locked
D. Port 69 is blocked on a router between the network segments
Correct Answer: D

A host has been assigned the address This is an example of which of the following address types?
C. Static
D. Public
Correct Answer: A

A technician, Joe, has been tasked with assigning two IP addresses to WAN interfaces on connected routers. In order to conserve address space, which of the following subnet masks should Joe use for this subnet?
A. j24
B. j32
C. j28
D. j29
E. j30
Correct Answer: E

During a high availability test of a system, a fiber interruption did not re-route traffic. This is an indication of which of the following routing concern?
A. Static
B. Dynamic
C. Hybrid
D. Routing loops
Correct Answer: A

After moving to an adjacent cubicle, a user is reporting that the VoIP phone is randomly rebooting. When the technician relocates the equipment back to the previous space, the phone functions properly. No other stations are being affected.
Which of the following is the MOST likely cause?
A. Attenuation
B. Bad UPS
C. Cable short
D. Misconfigured DNS
Correct Answer: C

A malicious student is blocking mobile devices from connecting to the internet when other students are in the classroom.
Which of the following is the malicious student implementing?
A. Removing the AP from the classroom
C. Jamming
D. Firewall
Correct Answer: C

While troubleshooting a network outage, a technician finds a 100-meter fiber cable with a small service loop and suspects it might be the cause of the outage. N10-006 dumps Which of the following is MOST likely the issue?
A. Maximum cable length exceeded
B. Dirty connectors
C. RF interference caused by impedance mismatch
D. Bend radius exceeded
Correct Answer: D

Users connecting to an SSID appear to be unable to authenticate to the captive portal. Which of the following is the cause of this issue?
A. WPA2 security key
B. SSL certificates
Correct Answer: D

Which of the following is MOST likely to use an RJ-11 connector to connect a computer to an ISP using a POTS line?
A. Multilayer switch
B. Access point
C. Analog modem
D. DOCSIS modem
Correct Answer: C

A company is installing several APs for a new wireless system that requires users to authenticate to the domain. The network technician would like to authenticate to a central point. Which of the following would work BEST to achieve these results?
A. A TACACS+ device and a RADIUS server
B. A TACACS and a proxy server
C. A RADIUS server and an access point
D. A RADIUS server and a network controller
Correct Answer: C

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