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The questions for TA-002-P were last updated on April 18, 2022.

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Which of the below features of Terraform can be used for managing small differences between different environments.
which can act more like completely separate working directories.

A. Repositories
B. Workspaces
C. Environment Variables
D. Backends

Correct Answer: B

workspaces allow conveniently switching between multiple instances of a single configuration within its single backend.
They are convenient in a number of situations, but cannot solve all problems. A common use for multiple workspaces is to create a parallel, distinct copy of a set of infrastructure in order to test a set of changes before modifying the main production infrastructure. For example, a developer working on a complex set of infrastructure changes might create a new temporary workspace in order to freely experiment with changes without affecting the default workspace. Non-default workspaces are often related to feature branches in version control. The default workspace might correspond to

the “master” or “trunk” branch, which describes the intended state of production infrastructure. When a feature branch is created to develop a change, the developer of that feature might create a corresponding workspace and deploy into it a temporary “copy” of the main infrastructure so that changes can be tested without affecting the production infrastructure.

Once the change is merged and deployed to the default workspace, the test infrastructure can be destroyed and the temporary workspace deleted. https://www.terraform.io/docs/state/workspaces.html


By default, provisioners that fail will also cause the Terraform to apply itself to error. How can you change this default behavior within a provisioner?

A. provisioner “local-exec” { on_failure = “next” }
B. provisioner “local-exec” { when = “failure” terraform apply }
C. provisioner “local-exec” { on_failure = “continue” }
D. provisioner “local-exec” { on_failure = continue }

Correct Answer: C


What resource dependency information is stored in Terraform\’s state?

A. Only implicit dependencies are stored in state.
B. Both implicit and explicit dependencies are stored in state.
C. Only explicit dependencies are stored in state.
D. No dependency information is stored in the state.

Correct Answer: B

Terraform state captures all dependency information, both implicit and explicit. One purpose of the state is to determine the proper order to destroy resources. When resources are created all of their dependency information is stored in the state.

If you destroy a resource with dependencies, Terraform can still determine the correct destroy order for all other resources because the dependencies are stored in the state.


What does the command terraform fmt do?

A. Rewrite Terraform configuration files to a canonical format and style.
B. Deletes the existing configuration file.
C. Updates the font of the configuration file to the official font supported by HashiCorp.
D. Format the state file in order to ensure the latest state of resources can be obtained.

Correct Answer: A

The terraform fmt command is used to rewrite Terraform configuration files to a canonical format and style. This command applies a subset of the Terraform language style conventions, along with other minor adjustments for readability. Other Terraform commands that generate Terraform configuration will produce configuration files that conform to the style imposed by terraforming fmt, so using this style in your own files will ensure consistency.


Which of the below terraform commands do not run terraform refresh implicitly before taking actual action of the command?

A. terraform apply
B. terraform destroy
C. terraform init
D. terraform import
E. terraform plan

Correct Answer: CD


Complete the following sentence:
For the local states, the workspaces are stored directly in a _.

A. a file called terraform.tfstate.backup
B. directory called terraform.workspaces.tfstate
C. a file called terraform.tfstate
D. directory called terraform.tfstate.d

Correct Answer: D

For local states, Terraform stores the workspace states in a directory called terraform.tfstate.d.


What is the best and easiest way for Terraform to read and write secrets from HashiCorp Vault?

A. Vault provider
B. API access using the AppRole auth method
C. integration with a tool like Jenkins
D. CLI access from the same machine running Terraform

Correct Answer: A


Terraform provisioners can be added to any resource block.

A. True
B. False

Correct Answer: A


Which task does teraform ini- not perform?

A. Sources any modules and copies the configuration locally
B. Validates all required variables are present
C. Connects to the backend
D. Sources all providers present in the configuration and ensures they are downloaded and available locally

Correct Answer: B


What value does the Terraform Cloud/Terraform Enterprise private module registry provide over the public Terraform Module Registry?

A. The ability to share modules with public Terraform users and members of Terraform Enterprise Organizations
B. The ability to tag modules by version or release
C. The ability to restrict modules to members of Terraform Cloud or Enterprise organizations
D. The ability to share modules publicly with any user of Terraform

Correct Answer: D

Terraform Registry is an index of modules shared publicly using this protocol. This public registry is the easiest way to get started with Terraform and find modules created by others in the community. Reference:


What is terraform refresh intended to detect?

A. Terraform configuration code changes
B. Empty state files
C. State file drift
D. Corrupt state files

Correct Answer: C


Which of the following are string functions? Select three

A. tostring
B. tonumber
C. Chomp
D. format
E. join

Correct Answer: CDE

tonumber and tostring are Type Conversion function https://www.terraform.io/docs/configuration/functions.html


A terraform application can not _ infrastructure.

A. change
B. destroy
C. provision
D. import

Correct Answer: A


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