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Cisco CCDE 352-001 Exam Practice Questions

In an Ethernet link containing five routers with OSPF network interface type configured as broadcast, how many OSPF
adjacencies are established on this Ethernet link?
A. 7
B. 5
C. 10
D. 20
E. 6
Correct Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit.

lead4pass 352-001 exam question q2

This diagram depicts the design of a small network that will run EIGRP on R1 and R2, and EIGRP Stub on R3. In which
two ways will this network be impacted if there is link instability between R1 and R2? (Choose two.)
A. R1 will have routes in its routing table that originate from R2 and R3.
B. R3 will have routes in its routing table that originate from R1 and R2.
C. R2 will have routes in its routing table that originate from R1 and R3.
D. R3 will be transit for traffic between R1 and R2.
E. R3 will not be transit for traffic between R1 and R2.
Correct Answer: BE

Refer to the exhibit.lead4pass 352-001 exam question q3

An enterprise has three sites over a Layer 2 Metro Ethernet ELAN service. 100Mb/s and 10 Mb/s links have been
provisioned to provide redundancy for the head office. When OSPF routing enabled to provide connectivity and the
correct bandwidth statement has been applied to each interface, the branch sites observe two equal-cost routes to the
head office. The enterprise wants to send all traffic through the 100 Mb/s link and use the 10Mb/S link strictly as a
backup. Which OSPF network type must be set to ensure that the head office 100 Mb/s circuit is preferred over the 10
Mb/s circuit, at the same time minimize the amount of configuration required on all of the routers throughout the
B. Point-to-multipoint
C. Point-to-point
D. Broadcast
Correct Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit.

lead4pass 352-001 exam question q4

Each branch network must connect to the HQ and other branch networks over the phase 2 DMVPN network using a
single tunnel interface. OSPF is running over the DMVPN network. Which network type is compatible with the DMVPN
tunnel and ensures that the next hop of any route is unchanged?
A. Point-to-point
B. Point-to-multipoint
C. Broadcast
D. Nonbroadcast
Correct Answer: C

While reviewing an existing network design, you are discussing the characteristics of different STP versions. Which
protocol minimizes unicast flooding during TCN in a Layer 2 switched network with many VLANs?
Correct Answer: D

ACME Corporation is integrating IPv6 into their network, which relies heavily on multicast distribution of data.
Which two IPv6 integration technologies support IPv6 multicast? (Choose two.)
B. 6PE
C. dual stack
E. 6to4
Correct Answer: CF

You are planning a migration to a dual-stack IPv4/1Pv6 campus environment while providing a flexible and scalable
design with fault isolation. The design should allow IPv6 devices to tunnel over portions of the campus that are not yet
natively IPv6-enabled, including wireless and voice endpoints. Your plan requires an interim approach that allows for a
faster introduction of new services without requiring a network wide hot cutover. Which two services block functions
meet these requirements? (Choose 2)
A. IPv6 ISATAP tunnel termination point
B. policy gateways
C. GRE tunnel to the local Internet edge
D. BGP route reflectors
E. GET VPN key server
Correct Answer: AC

You are designing an IEEE 802.1X solution for a customer, where the network supports a large number of IP phones
and printers.
You plan to configure MAC address bypass for the phones and printers. What is your primary design and security
A. the additional AAA traffic on the network
B. the placement of the AAA server
C. the potential of MAC address spoofing
D. the scaling of the MAC address database
Correct Answer: C

A many-to-many enterprise messaging application is using multicast as a transport mechanism. As part of the network
design for this application, which multicast address should be used, according to best practices outlined in RFC 2365?
Correct Answer: D

Your client is considering acquiring a new IPv6 address block so that all Ethernet interfaces on the network receive
addresses based on their burned-in hardware addresses, with support for 600 VLANs. Which action do you
A. Acquire a new /60 IPv6 network and subnet it into /70 networks, one per VLAN
B. Acquire a new /58 IPv6 network and subnet it into /64 networks, one per VLAN
C. Acquire a new /60 Ipv6 network and subnet it into /68 networks, one per VLAN
D. Acquire a new/54 IPv6 network and subnet it into /64 networks , one per VLAN
Correct Answer: D

Which tool enables a network designer to route traffic based on the source IP address?
A. source routing
B. MPLS Layer 3 VPNs
C. policy-based routing
D. unicast Reverse Path Forwarding
Correct Answer: C

Which security benefit can be provided by IPv4 anycast for a service such as DNS?
A. Mitigation of attacks
B. Robust detection capabilities
C. Multiple paths to the service
D. Improved availability of services during DoS attacks
Correct Answer: D

What is the most effective way to improve BGP convergence in the event that a point-to- point link, over which an EBGP
session is running, fails?
A. reduce the keepalive timer to the minimum value allowed
B. configure EBGP fast external fallover
C. use BGP multihop
D. enable BGP graceful restart
Correct Answer: B

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