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What is the process ID number of the init process on a SysV init based system?
B. 0
C. 1
D. It is different with each reboot.
E. It is set to the current run level.
Correct Answer: C


The system is having trouble and the engineer wants to bypass the usual /sbin/init start up and run /bin/sh. What is the
usual way to pass this change to the kernel from your boot loader?
A. Start in runlevel 1.
B. Pass init=/bin/sh on the kernel parameter line.
C. Pass /bin/sh on the kernel parameter line.
D. Pass start=/bin/sh on the kernel parameter line.
Correct Answer: B


Which of the following properties of a Linux system should be changed when a virtual machine is cloned? (Choose
A. The partitioning scheme
B. The file system
C. The D-Bus Machine ID
D. The permissions of /root/
E. The SSH host keys
Correct Answer: DE


Which of the following commands will print important system information such as the kernel version and machine
hardware architecture?
A. sysinfo
B. uname
C. lspci
D. arch
E. info
Correct Answer: B


Which command is used to change the priority of an already running process? (Specify ONLY the command without any
path or parameters.)
A. renice
Correct Answer: A


Which command is used to create and initialize the files used to store quota information? (Specify ONLY the command
without any path or parameters.)
Correct Answer: quotacheck


Which of the following are valid stream redirection operators within Bash? (Choose two.)
B. #>
C. %>
D. >>>
E. 2>and1
Correct Answer: AE


Which of the following apt-get subcommands installs the newest versions of all currently installed packages?
A. auto-update
B. dist-upgrade
C. full-upgrade
D. install
E. update
Correct Answer: E


Which shell command is used to continue the background execution of a suspended command?
A. and
B. bg
C. cont
D. exec
E.: and
Correct Answer: B


Which of the following commands will send output from the program myapp to both standard output (stdout) and the file
A. cat file1.log
B. myapp 0>and1 | cat > file1.log
C. myapp | cat > file1.log
D. myapp | tee file1.log
E. tee myapp file1.log
Correct Answer: D

Which of the following commands displays the output of the foo command on the screen and also writes it to a file called
A. foo | less /tmp/foodata
B. foo | cp /tmp/foodata
C. foo > /tmp/foodata
D. foo | tee /tmp/foodata
E. foo > stdout >> /tmp/foodata
Correct Answer: D


Which SysV init configuration file should be modified to disable the ctrl-alt-delete key combination?
A. /etc/keys
B. /proc/keys
C. /etc/inittab
D. /proc/inittab
E. /etc/reboot
Correct Answer: C


Which of the following is the device file name for the second partition on the only SCSI drive?
A. /dev/hda1
B. /dev/sda2
C. /dev/sd0a2
D. /dev/sd1p2
Correct Answer: B

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