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Which type of emulation is used for thin devices provisioned to an eNAS Storage Group in VMAX3?
Correct Answer: B


Which information is required to discover a VMware ESXi host in the Virtual Servers page of Unisphere for VMAX?
A. IP address of the new host Credentials of the ESXi host Server Type = VMware
B. IP address of the vCenter Credentials of the vCenter Server Type = VMware
C. IP address of the VM Credentials of the VM Server Type = ESXi
D. IP address of the ESXi host Credentials of the ESXi host Server Type = ESXi
Correct Answer: A


A Storage Group containing the source volumes on a VMAX3 array is managed by the Gold SLO. A TimeFinder
SnapVX snapshot of this Storage Group is linked to the target volumes. The Storage Group containing the target
volumes is
managed by the Bronze SLO.
Which SLO will be used to manage the snapshot deltas?
A. Optimized
B. Gold
C. Bronze
D. None
Correct Answer: A
Reference: http://www.emc.com/collateral/white-papers/h14273-vmax3-timefinder-snapvx-microsoft-sql-server.pdf
(page 8)

Which Unisphere for VMAX feature helps determine the performance impact of migrating workload from one VMAX3
array to another VMAX3 array?
A. FAST Array Advisor
B. Headroom
C. Suitability Check
D. Sizer
Correct Answer: A


Which SRDF/A feature provides increased replication resiliency from temporary spikes in write workloads or link loss?
A. Delta Set Extension
B. SRDF FAST Coordination
C. Multi-Session Consistency
D. Software Compression
Correct Answer: A


A storage administrator received a request from one of the company\\’s business units to provision a 500 GB volume
with a Gold Service Level from VMAX3 array to an existing virtual machine. The administrator leverages Virtual Server
Management from Unisphere for VMAX to provision this volume.
How will the new volume be accessed by the virtual machine?
B. Datastore
C. Virtual disk
Correct Answer: C


A VMAX3 administrator needs backward compatibility for existing scripts that use Solutions Enabler (SE) commands.
Which SE environment variable would be used?
A. symcli_mode
B. symcli_command_scope
C. symcli_output_mode
D. symcli_schema_name
Correct Answer: A


Storage has been provisioned from a VMAX3 using a Masking View with a single Storage Group associated with the
Bronze SLO. How can new storage be provisioned to this host using the Gold SLO while maintaining the original
volumes in the Bronze SLO?
A. Convert the existing Storage Group to cascaded, create a new child Storage Group for the new devices, and apply
the Gold SLO.
B. Apply the Gold SLO directly to the new volumes.
C. Add a cascaded Storage Group to the original Storage Group and apply the Gold SLO.
D. A new Masking View and Storage Group is required for the devices managed by the Gold SLO.
Correct Answer: A


A storage administrator wants to use the Migration Wizard in Unisphere for VMAX to create a Non-Disruptive Migration
session. Where is the Migrate option located?
A. SID>Storage>Storage Groups
B. SID>Data Protection>Replication Groups and Pools
C. SID>Storage>Migrations
D. SID>Data Protection>SRD
Correct Answer: A
Reference https://learningcontent.emc.com/gatekeepercontent/cninv000000000135674/presentation_content/external_files/Non-Disruptive%20Migration%20VMAX%20All%20Flash_VMAX3.pdf (p.26)


Which VMAX3 FAST algorithm is the basis for the Optimized Service Level Objective?
A. Disk resource protection
B. SLO capacity compliance
C. SLO response time compliance
D. SRP capacity compliance
Correct Answer: A
Reference: http://uk.emc.com/collateral/technical-documentation/docu55786-vmax3-service-level-pro-fully-automatedstorage.pdf (page 19)


What is the maximum number of eNAS Data Movers on a VMAX 400K array?
A. 2
B. 4
C. 6
D. 8
Correct Answer: A
Reference: http://www.emc.com/collateral/white-paper/h15188-emc-vmax3-vmax-all-flash-enas-best-practices.pdf (page 6)


How many linked targets, per source, are allowed when using TimeFinder SnapVX?
A. 128
B. 256
C. 512
D. 1024
Correct Answer: D
To access a point-in time-copy, create a link from the snapshot data to a host mapped target device. SnapVX supports
up to 1,024 linked targets per source device. Links can be a permanent copy on a target device, or a temporary copy
that no longer retains the point-in-time copy of the data once the link is removed. Reference:


What is the function of FAST hinting on a VMAX3 array?
A. Sends hints to the array for low access data to be compressed
B. Provides suggestions for data migration activities to be performed on stale data
C. Sends hints to the array for data that is likely to be accessed in a given period of time
D. Provides suggestions for manual movement of data to other tiers
Correct Answer: C
Reference http://thecoreblog.emc.com/emc-world/beating-the-odds-with-fast-hinting/?cmp=soc-cor-glbl-us-sprinklrTWITTER–EMCStorage-183819018

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