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You would like to optimize a 10-second-long video creative for a new product. The video has the brand mentioned early on the video and your client wants you to optimize for CPVC.
Which objective should you select in your campaign?
Choose only ONE best answer.

A. Reach objective
B. Video Views Objective
C. Brand Awareness Objective
D. Video Engagement
E. Video Completion Objective

Correct Answer: B

10-Second Video Views The number of times your video was watched for an aggregate of at least 10 seconds, or for nearly its total length, whichever happened first. How It\’s Calculated The metric counts when your video was watched for an aggregate of 10 seconds or more, or to 97% of its length, whichever happened first. (Example: if someone watches a 5-second video for 4.85 seconds, or a 10-second video for 9.7 seconds, that counts as a 10-second video view.) People frequently drop off before the true end of a video when credits roll or content fades out, so 97% is considered to be the video\’s full length. CPVC – Cost per video completion (CPVC) is a metric that will show up on your exam. Most CPVC optimization will be a video view campaign objective.


You are planning the launch of the new mobile app for PhotoSnap.
Your client would like to move current website users to the mobile app and also reach new users.
Which audiences should you use for the mobile app launch?
Select the three that best apply.

A. You should build custom audiences based on the customer database of people who have purchased in the past 365 days.

B. You should build a similar audience based on the client\’s current customer base.

C. You should do interest demographics and launch the campaign.

D. You should build an audience based on your client\’s Fan Page; fans that have engaged with content in the past 90 days.

Correct Answer: ABD

The client has two objectives:

Move website users to the mobile app.
Create new mobile app downloads from new users.
For the first objective, you want to create a custom audience based on your client\’s customer base in order to move website users to install the mobile app.
For the second objective, you want to reach out to people who have interacted with the brand before and new potential users. In this case, your best option is to market to fans who have interacted in the past 90 days and also a new audience based on the current customer base.


Your client wants you to build three new audiences based on their current digital assets. They currently have a Fan Page, Website with no pixel, Customer Database, Email Database, and Core/Saved Audiences.
They\’ve just learned about Similar Audiences, so would like you to build three new similar audiences to use as seed audiences.
Which digital assets can be used as seed audiences for this task?
Choose ALL answers that apply.

A. Fan Page
B. Website with no pixel
C. Customer Database
D. Email Database
E. Saved/Core Audiences

Correct Answer: ACD

You are only able to build similar audiences based on the following seed audiences:
Facebook Fan Page
Custom Audiences: email databases, customer databases, interactions with the fan page, website visitors with pixel, and interactions with lead ads.
Keep in mind that you are NOT able to build similar audiences using core/saved audiences on Facebook.
Similar audiences need to be built from users who have interacted in some way with one of your digital assets (Fan Page, Mobile App, Website, CRM, and so on); whereas, core/saved audiences are used to find users based on demographics, interests, behaviors, and other variables who have NOT interacted with one of your digital assets.


You are planning on running a brand lift study for your client, what are some of the metrics you can measure through the study?
Choose only ONE best answer.

A. Percentage point lift, message association, and cost per click.
B. Percentage point lift, message association, favorability, and cost per click.
C. Percentage point lift, cost per estimated incremental person who remembers your ads and estimated an incremental number of people who remember the ad.
D. cost per click, cost per mile, percentage point lift, and video views.

Correct Answer: C

All brand lift studies will receive the following metrics by comparing the test (exposed) versus control groups:
The estimated # of persons – is the estimated incremental number of people who remembered seeing your ad.
Cost per incremental person – people who remembered seeing your ad (based on your budget).
Percentage point lift – which is the difference in the percent of people who recall seeing your ad in the exposed group versus those in the control group.
All of these metrics will also be available for message association, favorability, and purchase intent.
Below is an example:

410-101 questions 4


What determines the “Total Value” of your ads? Choose only ONE best answer.

A. Maximizing advertiser value and estimated action rates.
B. Maximizing Consumer Experience and Advertiser Bid.
C. Maximizing Advertiser Value and Optimizing Consumer Experience.
D. Optimizing Consumer Experience and Maximizing User Value.

Correct Answer: C

Facebook is always trying to find a balance between maximizing the advertiser value and optimizing the consumer experience. Keep in mind that the Total Value will be the addition of two components:

Advertiser Bid x Estimated Action Rates (Maximizing Advertiser Value) User Value (Optimizing Consumer Experience)
Those two components will help determine your Total Value.

410-101 questions 5


A car dealership wants you to promote specific cars that have not been doing well.
Sales are down and they would like for you to promote a video showing the dealership, benefits, and several cars to maximize the reach of people living close to the area.
Your client would also like for you to create a lead ad from the people who\’ve seen the video. What kind of audiences do you need in order to achieve your client\’s request?
Choose only ONE best answer.

A. A core audience + a lookalike audience.
B. A lookalike audience + a website audience
C. A core audience + a website audience
D. A core audience + an engagement audience
E. A lookalike audience + an engagement audience

Correct Answer: D


If you want to target two saved audiences for a product launch, how many campaigns and ad sets do you need?
1 Campaign and 2 Ad Sets 2 Campaigns and 2 Ad sets 2 Campaigns and 1 Ad Set 1 Campaign and 3 Ad Sets Choose ALL answers that apply.

A. You should research all users on Facebook with certain characteristics that match your target market.
B. You should research people connected to your Fan Page.
C. You should upload a customer database and analyze their behaviors.
D. People who have viewed a view post on your Fan Page.

Correct Answer: AB


You\’ve launched a campaign with the following characteristics:
You are targeting two different audiences: a core audience and a lookalike based on your customer database The campaign is running two ad sets
You are optimizing for CPM
The campaign is running two different images with text that covers less than 20% of the image size
After two weeks you realize that the CPM on Instagram is considerably higher on both ad sets than on Facebook;
however, only 20% of the budget was spent on Instagram. You want to gauge better Instagram performance and true CPM.
How do you optimize your campaign to achieve this goal?
Select two that apply.

A. You should create a third ad set with a lookalike audience.
B. You should turn off Facebook placement from one ad set.
C. You turn off Facebook placement from both ad sets.
D. You should turn off Instagram placement from both ad sets.
E. You should create two new ad sets with Instagram as the only placement.
F. You should join audiences into one ad set and run a new campaign with Instagram.
G. You should switch your optimization from CPM to video views.

Correct Answer: DE


You talk with your client and understand that there are specific events that you need to register in PhotoSnap\’s app.

Here is a list of events you need to register for:
When users open the mobile app.
When users add a credit card.
When users send to print their images.
When users watch the video explaining how the app works.
What events should you install on the mobile app in order to build re-marketing campaigns?
Choose only ONE best answer.

A. App Launched, Initiated Checkout, Purchased, Spend Credits
B. App Launched, Added Payment Info, Purchased, Completed Tutorial
C. Added To Cart, Purchased, Completed Tutorial, Added To Wishlist
D. Achieved Level, Purchased, Completed Registration, Viewed Content
E. Purchased, Initiated Checkout, Completed Registration, Rated

Correct Answer: B

There are 14 standard app events you can use on Facebook SDK mobile app.
For this particular mobile app, these are the four events you want to utilize in order to track your client\’s requests:

App Launched: When users open the mobile app.

Added Payment Info: When users add a credit card.

Purchased: When users send to print their images.

Completed Tutorial: When users watch the video explaining how
the app works. Below is a list of the 14 related app events: Achieved level App launched Added payment info Added to cart Added to wishlist Completed registration Completed tutorial Initiated checkout Purchased Rated Searched Spent credits Unlocked achievement

Viewed content All of these events allow you to understand better how people are interacting with your mobile app, measure the performance of your Facebook mobile ads, and reach certain people who use your app by creating custom audiences. Topic 4, Given a scenario, determine the target audience


You\’ve realized that the pixel is not properly installed on your client\’s website. Some events within the buying process are not being tracked by the pixel.
Your customer has a checkout process split into two different pages:

Customers have to first register
Then enter their payment info on a second page.
Which pixel events do you need to install on your client\’s website?
Choose ALL answers that apply.

A. Purchase
B. Complete Registration
C. Add To Cart
D. Initiate Checkout
E. View

Correct Answer: ABCD

These are all of the pixel events that should be installed on your client\’s checkout process:
Add To Cart: When a user adds products to their cart.
Initiate Checkout: When a user lands on the first registration page.
Complete Registration: When a user has completed the first registration page and needed to add payment info.
Purchase: When a user has finalized the purchase.


You have a monthly budget of $10,000 to utilize across various campaigns for a retail client. Your social media manager over-spent $1,230 on the previous period. Your client is upset as you\’ve spent more than the allocated budget and wants you to control the budget.
How can you ensure that this month you don\’t goes over your $10,000 budget?
Choose only ONE best answer.

A. Configure your campaign limit to $10,000
B. Set up a lifetime budget for your campaigns to $10,000
C. Set up your billing threshold to $10,000
D. Set up your account spending limit to $10,000

Correct Answer: D

An account spending limit is an overall limit on the amount of money your Facebook ad account can spend across all the ad campaigns you\’re running. Setting an account spending limit can be a helpful way to control your costs and make sure you don\’t spend more on ads than you want to.


You are building your internal team for a new digital marketing department. You\’ve hired 2 community managers and 1 social media manager. You would like for the social media manager to be able to do the following tasks:
View insights See who published on the Page Send messages on the Page Publish and manage jobs Remove and ban people from the Page
Which role should you assign your social media manager to your Fan Page?
Choose only ONE best answer.

A. Page admin
B. Page editor
C. Page moderator
D. Page moderator
E. Jobs manager

Correct Answer: B


What strategies should you follow to accomplish your customer\’s goals? Choose only ONE best answer.

A. Use website conversion tracking to see how many people purchases at the store.
B. Use Facebook pixel, and cross-reference data from customer purchases with the pixel events to see results from Facebook campaigns.
C. Use offline events to understand purchases at the retail stores and orders made from the phone.
D. Use offline events from the website, and cross-reference data to measure Facebook\’s impact.

Correct Answer: C

One of the most powerful tools to measure sales at retail stores is to use Facebook offline events. With Offline Conversion Tracking, you can track when transactions occur in a physical business location and another offline channel after people see or engage with a Facebook ad.
Use precise timestamps, including minutes and seconds to track multiple purchases.

Use actual transaction values to see the most accurate event values on a dashboard.
Use Order ID\’s or item numbers to include multiple items within a single transaction.
So the best strategy is to use offline events to better understand how Facebook marketing campaigns affect the retail stores.


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