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What output logs are collected using the VC-support? sh script?
A. vCenter log bundle
B. ESXi log bundle
C. vRealize Log Insight support bundle
D. VxRail Manager log bundle

Correct Answer: B


You are asked to cable up a VxRail G Series cluster to a redundant pair of 1/10G switches. What is the cabling best
practice for this configuration?
A. Cable ports 1 and 2 to one switch. Cable ports 3 and 4 to the other switch.
B. Cable ports 1 and 2 to one switch. Cable ports 3 and 4 to the other switch. Cable BMC from nodes 1 and 2 to one
switch. Cable BMC from nodes 3 and 4 to the other switch.
C. Cable ports 1 and 3 to one switch. Cable ports 2 and 4 to the other switch.
D. Cable ports 1 and 3 to one switch. Cable ports 2 and 4 to the other switch. Cable BMC from nodes 1 and 3 to one
switch. Cable BMC from nodes 2 and 4 to the other switch.

Correct Answer: D


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During a VxRail installation, the deployment fails at 9%. Based on the exhibit, what could be the reason for this failure?
A. Domain name .local is not supported
B. Password field has an extra space
C. vCenter and PSC information is missing
D. Timezone is in an incorrect format

Correct Answer: C


In a 5 node VxRail cluster in which all nodes are the same model, which cluster requires the least amount of rack
A. G560
B. E560
C. S570
D. V570

Correct Answer: D


During the installation of a new VxRail cluster, where is System Time configured?
A. System BIOS > Miscellaneous Settings
B. iDRAC Settings > System Time
C. System BIOS > System Information
D. iDRAC Settings > System Profile Settings

Correct Answer: A


After the installation of a VxRail cluster, the vSAN Health Check shows a hardware compatibility warning. Where can
detailed information about this health check and its resolution be found?
A. VMware Knowledge Base
B. VxRail Manager Help
C. Dell EMC Knowledge Base
D. vCenter Server Help

Correct Answer: A


In what range does the VxRail Manager Health indicator show “yellow” for IOPS, CPU, and memory usage?
A. 60% – 80%
B. 70% – 80%
C. 75% – 85%
D. 75% – 95%

Correct Answer: C



What is the minimum number of VxRail nodes required for a vSAN storage policy with FTT = 2 an6 FTM set to Erasure
A. 4
B. 5
C. 6
D. 7

Correct Answer: C


A Dell EMC solutions architect has converted the VxRail PEQ to Customer Mode They have engaged with the customer
to input information about the VxRail networks, IP address, subnet mask, gateway, and VLAN ID details.
In which section would the customer input this information?
A. System Information
B. Virtual Machines
C. Physical Network
D. ESXi Host Details

Correct Answer: D


What is a requirement for the Top of Rack (ToR) switches used in a VxRail implementation?
A. MLD Querier
B. EtherChannel
C. IPV4 and IPV6 Multicast

Correct Answer: C


What is a Dell EMC converged platform product?
A. VxRack
B. VxRail
C. Vscale Architecture
D. Vblock/VxBlock

Correct Answer: D


After deployment, where would you look first on a VxRail v4 7 1xx Cluster for errors as they occur?
A. vCenter GUI
B. VxRail Manager GUI
C. marvin log
D. 1cm log

Correct Answer: A


View the Exhibit.

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Based on the exhibit, which interfaces should be used to reset the node through the Mobile Build Server?
A. 1 and 3
B. 1 and 2
C. 2 and 3
D. 1, 2 and 3

Correct Answer: A

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